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Types of characters

Length of password

Length: 8
In the section "Types of characters" you must indicate what type of characters can be used in the password. We recommend using all types of characters available to generate a complex and safe password. However, passwords containing special characters can be difficult to remember, so we advise that you do not use these characters if you need to remember the password. However, the longer the password is, the safer it is. The minimum recommended length for a password is 6 characters. A password containing between 8 and 10 characters is appropriate for most websites. You must have javascript activated on your browser in order to use this service. And you can now check and gauge your password based on the characters, numbers and symbols it contains to find out if it is of the right length and composition with our password checker. If you use Mac OS or Windows we recommend the best password manager and automatic form completion using the 1Password software licence manager. After protecting your user codes, check your connection with our ADSL Speed Checker.

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